Dear reader,

Welcome to By the riverside!
First of all let me explain why I chose that name, I named my blog after the song : Riverside from Agnes Obel. It is one of my all time favorite songs, I find it to be very relaxing and autumnal and since autumn is my favorite season I couldn't have asked for better! Now you're probably wondering who the person behind this blog is, well.....
My name is Céline , I speak french but I decided to write my blog in english just because I love the language (weird reason , I know!).
My blog is all about fashion, beauty and maybe it will contain some snippets about my life.
Aged 5 I would already play with my grandmother's high heels and makeup , since then the passion for fashion and beauty never left me and I'm sure it never will!
I hope you'll find some inspiration, outfit ideas, makeup ideas and that my reviews will be helpfull.
I study marketing so I know all about the commercial world and I'm here to help you figure it out!
For business inquiries , you'll find all the information in the contact link.
Hope you enjoy my content and if you have any questions I'm here to answer them !

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